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Iris Disse

She is a master yoga teacher and has been teaching for 17 years on the topics of "love, spirituality and sexuality" in workshops, at festivals and at the Andina University in Quito. Her Durga's Tiger School ® is an internationally recognised training centre for yoga teachers.

She is an author, actress, radio play, theatre and film maker and has been living between Europe and Latin America since 1994. She is a lecturer in audio art and experimental radio. Her radio programmes, documentaries and feature films with the indigenous population have often been awarded prizes.

Iris is the founder of Durga's Tiger School ®. The yoga teacher training programme combines techniques from yoga, tantra, shamanism and art in a way that stimulates transformational processes.




Barbara Stützel

is a qualified psychologist (licence to practise behavioural therapy), actress, singer and yoga teacher. She is booked worldwide to teach her knowledge of community processes, group communication and topics such as love and freedom.

She has been on the yoga path since 1987 and joined the ZEGG community in 2001. In her work, she explores how people can grow authentically and in connection with each other. What she loves most are the moments in which something new arises from being present with oneself and others. For her, Kaula Tantra Yoga is a path of experience that enables this present contact and thus transformation to authentic being.


Ena Rivière Feder

For nine years, Ena has been on the path of "unlearning" her social conditioning in order to create space for something new.

Ena has lived and worked in various communities, mainly in Spain and at ZEGG. She has been a trained Kaula Tantra Yoga teacher since 2017. Her qualifications and skills include performing arts (circus, theatre, clown), dance (Afro-Cuban, contemporary, Afro, contact improvisation), healing therapies (Shiatsu, Gestalt), group process work (active listening, NVC, group process facilitation, process work, forum), nature rituals (sweat lodge, vision quest, deep ecology), social work, gender work and different styles of yoga (Hatha, Asthanga, Iyengar). She has acquired and deepened these skills in a series of formal and non-formal training programmes.

The Kaula Tantra Yoga Teacher Training at Durga's Tigers School combines her diverse interests and experiences in a wonderful way. Ena loves to pass these on here.



Timea Hông Nhung Dinh
Timea is a yoga teacher, massage therapist, sound therapist and mindfulness mentor. She lives and shares what she loves.

In 2017, she completed the 500h yoga teacher training at Durga's Tiger School and has been teaching yoga and creating workshops in Berlin and at festivals across Europe ever since.

Timea is passionate about all forms of creative expression: music, art, movement and dance. She has a keen interest in the human energy body, self-development, aerial and acroyoga as well as meditation and breathing techniques.

She has travelled the world, learning various healing techniques and developing her own style of opening intuitive and aligned healing spaces with touch and sound.



Joanna Heike Herrmann

Heike is a tantra yoga teacher, educator, DJ and co-organiser of psytrance festivals.

She completed her yoga teacher training with 500 hours and YA and YAI certification at the Durgas Tiger School ® in Ecuador.

Since then she has been teaching regularly and feels more and more every day how Tantra Yoga changes her attitude to life and its challenges. Heike's fascination and gratitude for the wonderful effects of yoga trigger her desire to share this with as many people as possible and pass it on.



Daniela De Girolamo
Thanks to this beautiful four-year journey, during which Daniela gained an understanding of natural elements and their relationship to the body, she is able to integrate the knowledge of these two ancient healing arts and utilise the many similarities between Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine.

In 2010 she was certified as a Shiatsu therapist and in the same year took part in the intensive course "Diagnosis and Work with Chakras" with Diego Sanchez from Uruguay. In 2011, she attended the postgraduate course "Shiatsu and Menstruation" with Marina De Franceschi from Italy.

Between 2010 and 2012, she trained as a Qi Gong teacher.

Daniela taught Qi Gong and worked with Shiatsu in various centres in Granada. In between centres, she took part in Artes Sanas en Movimiento, a creative project where she met professionals from many other disciplines and exchanged methods in yoga exercises, Qi Gong techniques and classical Indian dance.

Between 2011 and 2012, she travelled to India, where she practised hatha yoga at the Sivananda Ashram at the Neyyr Dam.

Since arriving in Ecuador in 2013, Daniela has been training in Kaula Tantra Yoga with Iris Disse and helping to found Durga's Tiger School.

She continues to explore different techniques of yoga and energetic work such as ovarian breathing, meditation, yogabeats, hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, qi gong and teaches with passion and inspiration, accumulating around 2000 hours of teaching.

In 2018, she completed the yoga teacher training for pregnancy and postpartum during her pregnancy. She is grateful for the experience of being a mum and rediscovering the world through the eyes of her son.

She is an experienced yoga teacher at the school as well as General Manager for Ecuador and Europe and teaches classes in active meditation, Kaula tantra yoga, partner tantra yoga, intuitive anatomy and applied tantric wisdom.


programm fritz

Born in Kiel in 1979, after working in science (maths, climate) he went travelling in 2018 to find life alternatives and discovered yoga. In 2020 he completed the
yoga teacher training at Yoga Vidya in 2020 and practices and teaches classical hatha yoga.

Since 2020, he has been living in the ZEGG community, where he is passionate about ecological and social issues as well as yoga.

For me, yoga is a good and holistic way to find inner peace, balance, relaxation, physical well-being, alignment and spiritual connection.

‘Experiencing depth & lightness, touchability & exuberance, nature & stillness together - for wholeness and inner & outer change - that's what I go for.’



Nina Laura’Adjana has been actively dedicated to Spirituality and Personal Development since 2012. Her remarkable ability for transformation has not only impacted her own life in magical ways, but also the lives of others.Post-graduation, she embarked on extensive travels, investing ceaselessly in her personal growth and education. In addition to her Yoga Certificates, she earned certifications in Aura & Energy Work and completed a Spiritual Coaching Training. Her deep spiritual connection is evident in the energy work and channellings she conducts with her clients.

In 2018, following her initial 200 YTT, she began teaching Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin-Yoga. She continued her journey with various trainings in energy work and shamanism. In 2023, she found her true calling at Durga’s Tiger School, where she completed her 500h YTT in Ecuador in March.

Since 2019, she has been working with medicinal plants and facilitating cacao ceremonies. Her ceremonies always incorporate the medicine of music and art, including dance, voice, and expression. Nina thrives on helping individuals reconnect with their inner selves and reach deeper levels of self-awareness, returning them to their essence and true nature.

Her personal experiences have made very aware of trauma, and she is passionate about assisting others in recognizing and healing their own wounds. Yoga played an immense role in her journey to self-love and acceptance during a challenging period, and she is devoted to helping others rediscover these qualities as well.


Bettina is a yoga teacher, freelance economist and publisher.

Enthusiastic about yoga, she completed the 4-year BDY yoga training as well as numerous further yoga trainings, opened her own yoga school in 2005 and teaches therapeutic yoga, pranayama, meditation and as a master Reiki. As a Horsewoman she supports horses and people in their healing. She complements these skills with tools she brings from her shamanic path of Sweet Medicine.

Her encounter with Durga’s Tiger School ® unites the yoga and shamanic path into a valuable path of healing. As director of Durga’s Tiger International, it is her goal to make Kaula Tantra Yoga and the Durga’s Tiger Teachings available worldwide and to connect people internationally. She enjoys teaching in a team where being and knowing is about holding spaces where others can experience and heal themselves.



Anja Sander is a 1,100 hours Yoga Alliance Certified yoga teacher for Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga and Kaula Tantra Yoga as well as Pranayama and Meditation. 

She was born in rural Germany and grow up with a background in gymnastics and contemporary / modern dance. Moving to buzzing Berlin to study marketing and communication, Anja was introduced to yoga and soon developed a regular practice. Traveling the globe, Anja has experienced different yoga styles and various teaching methods, amplifying her passion for yoga which led her to the world capital of Yoga, Rishikesh in India.

In March 2018 Anja completed a 200 hours yoga teacher training at the renowned Vinyasa Yoga School, expanding her knowledge and practice in all aspects of the yogic tradition. She returned to Rishikesh in 2019 to follow a 300 hours course and deepen her knowledge and love for the ancient practice of yoga. While teaching yoga classes in the Sant Sewa Ashram in Rishikesh, faith took its course and Anja met Iris Disse, founder of Durgas Tiger School. In 2021 she could join a 500 hours yoga teacher training at the school in Ecuador and fell in love with Kaula Tantra Yoga and all of the holistic Tantric yogic path. 

Further, Anja is a certified Contact Beyond Contact (CBC) Facilitator, trained by Unity Space. CBC is a beautiful dance and movement practice that combines contact improvisation and authentic movement with profound practices from yoga, qigong, energy work, mindfulness as well as different healing methods.